Nozin NOVA Program

Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® can serve as an integral part of a comprehensive infection control strategy to reduce the levels of pathogenic bacteria within the health care environment. The Nozin NOVA™ Program is designed to optimize and streamline the introduction of Nozin® technology into your facility for helping achieve better nasal decolonization. For background on nasal decolonization importance visit here. An initial patient implementation can start in surgery or higher risk areas and expand into additional units. A facility wide solution could include universal decolonization for all patients, staff and visitors including applications for:

  • Patient nasal decolonization post-op through recovery
  • Patients, staff and visitors in high-risk restricted environments
  • HCP and support staff in hospital units where patient infections are of concern
    • ICU and surgical units
    • Units with immuno-suppressed or compromised patients
    • Nursing and other long-term care facilities

Nozin Program objectives include:

  • Reduction in nasal carriage that contributes to infection risk.
  • Increased confidence that facility is at forefront achieving nasal decolonization for infection control
  • Improved effectiveness of Hand Hygiene Program
    • Staff and patients touch their faces every 4 minutes
    • Frequency of nose contact compromises hand hygiene
    • Reduce nose to hand transfer by reducing nasal carriage
  • Phased in use for everyone – patients, staff, visitors

To learn more about the Nozin application protocols contact a representative.

Patient Solution Example

Simple Protocol

  • Patients apply on admission and again when they occupy their room
  • Then daily applications for remainder of stay

Universal Decolonization 

  • Opportunity to decolonize all patients without contributing to antibiotic resistance
  • Broad spectrum (alcohol) anti-microbial activity
  • Can save in time, money, use of personnel, labs, equipment when compared to screen and treat protocol
  • Improve patient and staff experience

Pre-Post Procedure

  • Easy application pre-op, no prescription required, works fast
  • Extends the benefits of nasal decolonization at a critical time--when the risk of nasal carriage to the patient is high
  • No need to stop nasal decolonizing after surgery – sustain decolonization with continued use post-op.


  • Reduce nasal carriage prophylactically
  • Helps reduce overall bacterial burden in the environment

    To learn more about the Nozin NOVA™ program contact a representative.

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