Nozin NOVA Program

Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® can serve as an integral part of a comprehensive infection control strategy to reduce the levels of pathogenic bacteria within the health care environment. The Nozin NOVA™ Program is designed to optimize and streamline the introduction of Nozin® technology into your facility for helping achieve better nasal decolonization.  An initial patient implementation can start in surgery or higher risk areas and expand into additional units. A facility wide solution could include universal decolonization for all patients, including applications for:

  • Patient nasal decolonization post-op through recovery
  • Patients in high-risk restricted environments
    • ICU and surgical units
    • Units with immuno-suppressed or compromised patients

Nozin NOVA Program objectives include:

  • Reduction in nasal carriage that contributes to infection risk.
  • Increased confidence that facility is at forefront achieving nasal decolonization for infection control
  • Improved effectiveness of Hand Hygiene Program
    • Frequency of nose contact compromises hand hygiene
    • Reduce nose to hand transfer by reducing nasal carriage

To learn more about the Nozin application protocols contact a representative.

Patient Solution Example

Simple Protocol

  • Patients apply on admission and again when they occupy their room
  • Then daily applications for remainder of stay

Universal Decolonization 

  • Opportunity to decolonize all patients without contributing to antibiotic resistance
  • Broad spectrum (alcohol) anti-microbial activity
  • Can save in time, money, use of personnel, labs, equipment when compared to screen and treat protocol
  • Improve patient and staff experience

Pre-Post Procedure

  • Easy application pre-op, no prescription required, works fast
  • The benefits of nasal decolonization can be now extended at a critical time--when the post-op risk of nasal carriage to the patient is high
  • No need to stop nasal decolonizing after surgery – sustain decolonization with continued use post-op.


  • Reduce nasal carriage prophylactically
  • Helps reduce overall bacterial burden in the environment

    To learn more about the Nozin NOVA™ programs contact a representative.


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