Hospital Solutions

There are hot-spots throughout the hospital where nasal carriage directly impacts infection prevention and patient outcomes. Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic can encourage hospital nasal carriage reduction when stocked, available and distributed regularly.

Evidence shows that nasal bacteria are a primary component in the spread of infection. Studies indicate that 30% of the population carry Staph aureus in the nose.  Frequent hand to nose contact compromises hand hygiene. Patients, staff and visitors are all potential carriers and at risk for transmitting bacteria that can lead to serious infections. 

Many Operating Rooms and Surgery Centers are already taking steps to decolonize the nose prior to surgery using screen and treat procedures that can be costly and time consuming.  It makes sense to look at how the economical and non-antibiotic Nasal Sanitizer® can be utilized to improve hygiene in the post operative period and other facility wide uses. Beginning in the high risk areas of your facility like the Emergency Room, Surgical Areas and ICU, the Nozin team works with you to craft protocols that meet your needs. Adding Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® to your hand hygiene program can help cut down on hand and nose contamination.  

Universal decontamination procedures are being adopted in many facilities throughout the country.  With non-antibiotic Nasal Sanitizer® for daily use, reducing bacteria carriage in patients, staff and visitors becomes a more practical, essential step in infection prevention.  

Contact a Nozin Representative to learn about the Nozin 360™ Program and get started on a solution for your facility. 

Research strongly suggests that use of an anti‐microbial for the nose can do a better job of reducing your risk of infection than just hand washing alone.
Within seconds of hand washing, nose touching is likely to occur and with it possible contamination of the hands with nasal bacteria. This repeated compromise to hand hygiene argues in favor of better nasal hygiene to help cut down on risk.

Nursing Homes, Long Term Care Solutions

Nursing Homes and Long Term Care facilities involve extended stays with at risk populations. Many patients require extensive post-surgical care and wound care.  Due to longer duration of stays, these facilities can be at higher risk for the spread of infections. Incorporating Nasal Sanitizer® use into patient infection control protocols can help reduce the risks.

Folding nasal hygiene and carriage reduction into your existing hand hygiene program is an easy way to get started with Nozin®.  Explore your options and potential solutions by contacting a Nozin representative today.

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