Clinics and Physician Offices

Nozin Nasal Sanitizer

Nozin® products are used in physician offices throughout the USA

Doctors, PAs and Nurse Practitioners have recommended Nozin product to patients to help fight germs and improve nasal hygiene. Outpatient clinics and surgical facilities can incorporate Nozin Nasal Sanitizer antiseptic as part of infection control to help reduce risk of nasal carriage. If you are interested in Nozin Nasal Sanitizer samples for your clinic or physician office, please submit your sample request.

“I advise the use of Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® in my practice for regular
nasal hygiene. The Nasal Sanitizer® solution is safe, highly effective and will
not contribute to antibiotic resistance.”
David Ashe, M.D., F.A.A.P.
Asst Professor Pediatrics, New York Medical College
“Nozin Nasal Sanitizer is wonderful and I highly recommend it to help
reduce the risk of infection.”
Dr. Ritu Goel, Otolaryngologist
“The benefits of good nasal hygiene are strong. Since it’s not always possible to wash our hands or avoid touching our noses, Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic can be an essential health aid.”
Dr. Richard Bailey, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist
“I Love Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer®. I recommend the product to patients, fellow ARNPs, family and friends.”
Stella Muroch MSN, FNP-C

Benefits of Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer®

  • Highly effective, Safe & No Prescription NeededNozin Nasal Sanitizer –  Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® is safe and effective when used as directed and can be used daily. Many doctors recommend the regular use of the product.  See The Doctors on CBS  and Dr. Goel.

  • Part of a Daily Hygiene Routine – If you are concerned about exposure to harmful germs you should consider using this product as part of regular hygiene for you and your family (see “Lesson in Hygiene” by Dr. Richard Bailey). Our scientists invented Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® in part to help improve the hygiene of their own families. The product is also for students, office workers and anyone exposed to crowds. Health conscious people, such as those who use saline nasal rinses and neti pots, can find Nasal Sanitizer® an easy way to boost their defense while on the go, just as we may use hand sanitizers when soap and water are not available. 

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