Day of Surgery Pre-Op Nasal Decolonization.

No Iodine. No Antibiotics.




Preoperative Nasal Decolonization

A better way to lower surgical site infection (SSI) risk prior to surgery.


Research shows a strong link between nasal pathogens and SSI1 but antibiotic and iodine nasal decolonization products have limitations (see table). Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® Antiseptic Preoperative Pack provides fast, effective reduction of nasal pathogens without drawbacks of antibiotics or iodine.

Nasal Sanitizer® Nozaseptin® patented formulation combines alcohol (62%) with moisturizing emollients and is clinically proven to achieve same day knockdown of S. aureus.2

Better care. lower costs.

Safer, easier nasal decolonization.

Preoperative Nasal Decolonization


Preoperative Nasal Decolonization

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Each Nozin® Preoperative Pack delivers:

  • 99% S. aureus nasal carriage reduction² day of surgery
  • Support for antibiotic stewardship
  • Fast, easy, pleasant application
  • Low cost, nonprescription, OTC



Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic can also be used by patients post-op as well as by staff, caregivers and visitors. Nozin® 360™ Nasal Decolonization is a comprehensive program to reduce the pathogenic burden in your facility through nasal carriage reduction.

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1. Coates, T et al. Nasal decolonization. J Antimicrob Chemother, 2009: 64,9-15. 2. Steed L, et al. Reduction of nasal Staphylococcus aureus carriage. American Journal of Infection Control, 2014: 42(8): 841-846.

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