About Global Life Technologies Corp.

Global Life Technologies Corp. (GLT) makes Nozin® brand products including Nasal Sanitizer® and Allergy Master® and provides the Nozin NOVA™ programs and services to hospitals. With offices in Miami, FL and Bethesda, MD, the company follows a mission to improve the quality of life for people by introducing unique and effective healthcare products based on innovative patented and patent pending technologies.

Backed by years of research, supported by NIH grants and successful clinical trials, Nozin products are directed at the growing health maintenance and infection prevention markets. Made in the USA, Nozin products have been well received by hospitals, doctors and healthcare professionals who use them and recommend them to patients.  

Scientific Study

Global Life Technologies Corp. is committed to continuing investments in research and to encouraging independent clinical study by healthcare institutions in the United States. Validation and support from renowned healthcare practitioners and researchers is central to our aim of providing quality health products to consumers. Such expertise actively contributes to the scientific direction of the Company.

A Look at Prevention

By Dr. Richard Markham,

Dr. Richard MarkhamDisease prevention is an area that, in the past, has received less attention from the medical community. Most physicians, after all, are trained to treat patients who come to them with an illness. But as the costs of medical treatment continue to climb and as those in the developed world, who can afford medical treatment, are increasingly exposed to those in the less developed world, who cannot afford medical treatment, it has become clear that simpler approaches, which make disease prevention accessible to all individuals, must be developed.

One approach that has proved useful is the development of antiseptics such as alcohol-based hand sanitizers. But for many infections the hands serve only as the vehicle that carries germs to the site where infection is actually initiated and introduced into the body such as the eyes, mouth, especially the nose and breaks or cuts in the skin. It is this concept of attacking infections at the site where the disease process actually begins that attracted the scientists and healthcare practitioners to products such as Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic. Our shared goal is to use rigorous scientific analysis to ensure that protective products such as Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic are the most effective they can possibly be.

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